Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Read Between the Lines, Lies by the AMNO

As pointed by an Alert MalaysiaKini reader

1. “… 30% of Malays would participate in commerce and industry and that it should be implemented in the context of a growing economy.”
– Tun Dr Ismail (‘The Reluctant Politician:  Tun Dr Ismail and His Times’).

2. More than 30% of the national equity coming into the hands of bumiputeras.


‘In the hands of bumiputeras’ might be 0.1% especialy the AMNO Elites hoarding the nation’s wealth.

Now That’s a GREAT BULLSHIT by Barisan Najis, especialy AMNO! 

Do you feel STUPID now?

Kudos to Mendiang Tun Dr Ismail for setting the records straight.