Monday, January 29, 2007

BOLEHLAND : SOTD. First Non-living entity winner!

The most BODOH paper in Bolehland!

When two parties are suppose to adhere to a Subjudice law by refraining from publishing anything that risks prejudicing an on-going defamation suit, we can understand how it is done on the Blogger’s end. 

What about the plaintifs?
How the FUCK are they suppose retract published damaging articles which they knew in the first place would have prejudice against the defendants?

Post apologies and say sorry ah?
Refund and retract copies ah?

How do you subject street hawkers to corporate law? If your answer is: They all pay tax what…
Then how do you explain motorcyclists not paying toll? They both uses the road what, tiu…

So today’s Sor-Hai of the Day award goes to the most BODOH lagi DUNGU paper in Bolehland: aNgSTy.
For the record(maybe in MBoR) the BODOH paper is the first non-living entity to be bestow this crap.

Congratulations, Sor-Hai Paper.