Monday, January 29, 2007


Snizz..wat snizzla mah... wat..dizzla or something

Mike check 1–2, 1–2, fresh from Bolehland,
we have a 3 year P.I.M.P in da makin’,
i got mah Bling from swindling,
the haters and fools who kept votin’,
me and posse with a 92 ding-a-ling,

Without-chal, I’m such a loser, yall!
and I would bailing my call,
TKO on da floor with a 9–call!
Taken on a strecha’ with mah son-in-law!

Who sez I ain’t da real deal?
I get mah moneyz thru the seal,
peeps believe mah bullshitin’ with zeal,
and haters turn on to me, hatin’ me anew!

both land, sea and air I triumphed,
all you suckerz out there stay in a dump!
while I stroll-by with mah posse on a drive-by,
Uzi and Glocks all firin’ sayin’ good-bye!

I got my honeyz with my tricked-out ride,
with one hand on them lovelies and another on a 9milimeter!
If yall think you suckerz MCs gonne get me,
Think again ‘coz I’m the P.I.M.P.!


*strikes a mean pose.