Saturday, January 20, 2007

Watch This! Apocalypto

At least my Keris has usage!
I’m not sure if it will be Ban by the nice folks of FeeNAS but there will be lotsa ‘controversies’ to us mild-mannered Malaysians, i.e.: pierchings, tattoos, breasts, butt-cheeks and the mere mention(actually translated -mob) of ‘Ball Breath’ in this wonderful movie.

Here are some things which you can expect from the Director, Mel Gibson, yes the Mad Max and kilt-wearing Mr. Braveheart himself:
– it contains lotsa of heart, yes I meant ‘passion’ (but it does contains hundreds if not thousands of human hearts-mob)
– shocking revelations about the great step-piramids of the Mayans/Aztecs(not the modem/pc company-mob)
– Gore! Glorious gore but only when it’s relevant and needed, unlike the sorely-missed bloody gore and flying body-parts in Braveheart. Auww.. Mel, what gives?
– Terrific camera work and photography that sets your adrenaline pumpin’ and blood rushin’.
– Grand production work with well-coordinated mass of believable extras.
– Emo moments which would tear your heart out. (oops, hearts again-mob)
– Stirring up controversies as usual. Well, it concerns more on historical accuracies but let it not ruin your watch, just don’t google ‘Mayans’ and WIKI together.
– It won’t be 90min.

I don’t wanne spoil your fun by revealing too much but if it doesn’t hit local cinemas, you’re better off looking for this title using ‘alternative’ route. ehem. The genuine ‘dub’ is out so make sure you have the ‘clear-stuff’. ehem again.

The 411:
Official Site

“My name is Cobra Sultan,
This is my forest,
My father hunt this forest during his time and,
I, his son hunt this forest.
So will my son-in-law, Chiken Backside(Khai-see-fart) too will hunt this forest!”.