Friday, January 26, 2007

Farewell to the Korean Big-boob Singer mistaken for our Mongolian Murder victim Altantuya Shaaribuu bla bla bla...

The long title is as senseless as U-nee taking her own life.

definately not the way to go...

If you feel depressed,
– go visit Rojaks and let Wingz and co light up your day ‘coz ‘Everbody Lafu Rojaks’.
– go shopping, those bright and cheery displays should get any gurl up and .. shopping.
– go have massage and get nails done. (Mob provides hands and supply KY, errr… Massage oil).
– get perscription of Valium and loads of anti-depressants, too ‘happy’ to even make a Noose for neck
– set an ‘Emo’ or ‘Arty’ photo-shoot session with media, obliged hamsup photographers and potential ‘financial-backers’. At least benefit from these ‘fits’.
– let the Baka-one(Dabs) be your pal and makes you laugh at his idiosyncrasies.
– let Petite-Asian-Girl-Mad Swifty and co worship you and make a roadie movie along the way.
– get girly emo advices from Reta and be seen at really cool indie-band shows!
– go to Niamah!!! and let your frustration out, very therapeutic!
– let Davina welcomes you to her Retardationation, where you can be teriffic! with wits. lolx
– allow Howsy to show you how to make away-from -home Malaysian dishes while giving you pointers on the state of nation building!
– allow Mave to entertain your weekends with pics, poetry and misadventures of ‘Bayi’, til he reads the Monday paper and reprise his role as the bard singing misdeeds done by the ruling coalition perpetrators
– your boobs will shrink.(… last resort liao – Mob)

Mob no likey anyone who takes one’s own life, no matter how fine her knockers might be!