Saturday, January 06, 2007

Malaysia Welcomes the World!

Yeah Happy Happy Malaysia

Some stupid white-folks jumpin’ like smurfs over some ravines. Don’t they know our Rainforest rots corpses the fastest? Don’t even think about getting a ‘bruise’ or a ‘wound’ out there, Wily Charlie and Snowy Sally!

Happy Happy Malaysia

Some beautiful white-chick wearing a baju-kurung holding a Wau.

Sad to say, ‘Rebecca’ was arrested soon after this shoot for wearing & behaving ‘Indecently’ (holding a state mascot – wau in a suggestive way turns on our local pervs) and was deported to Simpang Renggam for some ‘serious’ Rehab.

Happy Happy Malaysia

Some foreign-lookin’ rich(assuming) snob shopping for ‘shoes’ at what we presume as some femes-designer-branded footwear. Think, why does a femes designer shoe you’re holding are ‘at Best Prices’ ?
I will leave that to your imagination(which we assumed your Oxford Uni. would have sufficely educated you on topics such as ‘sweat-shops’ and ‘faked goods’)

Now, here’s the Bombshell, SHIT You Don’t See with us ‘Innocent and Nice’ Malaysian People:

Please don’t knock your own arse on your way out, Tourist.