Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bolehland THUG R' Us is Recruiting!


In the spirit of our Kaki-Pukul pioneer member as seen on this Video we have dedicated this dude in ‘blue’ shirt a heart-felt club on his behalf. Nobody knows if this ‘Thug’ is a copper, no identification, nothing, but he does all the bashing with uniformed personnel looking and abetting. We could only guess he must be a big fan of bashing and thuggery, so therefore we’re have established a club for this unnamed thug to indulge on his favourite past-time(hopefully far, far away from here – mob)

Let’s give it up for our mysterious ‘Thug-in-Blue’.

Sign-ups will be left in dumpsters since we can’t locate ‘His-Scuminess’ but you can bet this ‘hero’ will appear when there’s any rumours of ‘toll-hike’ gathering surface!