Friday, January 26, 2007

US mag votes Bolehland as top destination

A prestigious US travel magazine has voted Bolehland as the world’s best tourism destination of 2006.
The award was a result of a poll undertaken by Glowball Trailer Magazine, a monthly published from Penisylvania.

This accolade comes just as the year-long Visit Bolehland Year 2007 gets underway and has put a big FAT CHECKS in the pockets of Tourism Bolehland officials.

Who ever heard of an obscure place as Penisylvania?
Penisylanians are just as excited as Bolehlanders getting the award! For the the ’Quackers’ assumed now they now have a new hunting ground WHOLE year round without waiting for Open Season.

“Local Bolehlanders are fair game because most asians are sized like our game turkeys and deers, Yeehaaa!”, says Beuwolf Speakecheese while cleaning his prized shooter.

Latest Trend Hitting Penisylaniana

Besides being just as Obscure as Bolehland, Penisylania is known as the Quacker State for reasons since it became, err.. you know(*Mob making gestures of circuling his finger around his head). It plants tobacco, weed and innovate various other ‘agricultural’ break-throughs of getting ‘baked’ and high.

Penisylania worships phallic symbols and would proudly expose their manhood to anyone. This is due to their failure in dealing with the reality of having small penis. Hence everything about ‘Penisylania’ is about their obsession with the ‘barang’, in efforts to boost the esteem of Penisylanians.

There are no ‘Runners Up’ to the great award, ‘Bes Tow-rist Pot’ for year 2006 because other countries shuned and downright ignored this lame award given by an even lamer state.