Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why Bolehland Media is NEVER 'FREER'

For those of you who still thinks our Media and Press has been a lot more ‘Freer’, think again.
Of late, Femes bloggers like Jeff, RockyBru and KickDeFella has been on NST’s Hit List for defaming the ‘KariMullah’(The-Prophet-who-spoke-with-Curry or the-Curry-who-spoke-to-God?). This is not the first time Bloggers are ‘threaten’ and ‘harrassed’ by the ‘Powers that be’. They have been using proxies to do their dirty work which is the flavor of the the day eversince the Tun used the ‘Woman’ on DSAI’s downfall.

One thing though, at least the Grand Ol Man let the rest of us know when he’s pissed with us. Bedol puts up his Nasi-kandar face and let his hell-hounds loose.

Actually the technique of using proxies to ‘hit’ on enemies has always been the Singapore-way. Ask Mr. Lee and family, they’re infamous for using every dirty trick in the book to ‘bankrupt’ their opposition.

The ‘media’ has never been ‘freer’ as I’ve written last year, ppl. Just during the Tun’s time, internet was an infant waddling in a small pool. At least the Tun has the smarts to ‘smother’ the baby internet with MSC initiatives unlike the Buku-Nota Hitam cum Nasi-Kandar Outlet cum Cobra Sultan owner.

Stay vigilant, bloggers.